Students are asked to study for longer hours, viz. till midnight if possible especially when they are heading to a final examination. At higher classes, many of them fix a cumbersome schedule for them. But Best Private tutors advise against this. Recent researchers have identified that lack of prolonged sleep has detrimental effect on mood, energy level and ability to focus. Students are seen to lose their natural property of concentration and learning gradually. Presence of these elements is sure to make diminution in ranking, indicating a deterioration of academic performance.

1. Sleep and performance in Academia:

Students are more prone to wake till late hours of night for getting their studies completed. Studies conducted among these students reveal the fact that nearly 30 percent of these students are at risk to develop sleep disorder. This is evidently harmful, as opined by experts and experienced tutors for all subjects. All of them agree to the point that amount of sleep correlates with better scoring. Having quality sleep for seven hours at night will upgrade the score by at least 10 percent. Students with a habit to sleep for nine hours are seen to enjoy an excellent GPA of 3.24. Sleeping for nine hours might seem awkward, but seven hours sleep is considered the bare minimum.

2. How to sleep better:

Allowing scope for play and games for students are ideal for getting a superior nap at night. Running helps in rhythmic movement of the muscles and perfect wavering of the bony joints. These help their growth and the student feels tired but energized. After having some rest, they finish their studies and enjoy dinner in previously scheduled time. The timed play and food make them have a quality nap after which they feel amply refreshed and filled with energy.

3. Bar Alcoholic ingredients:

Many families are in the habit to sip bit of alcohol either before or after the dinner. Professionals offering Home Tuition in Kolkata strongly opine against such practice. A mere inflict of alcohol is enough to disrupt the quality of sleep. Moreover, this damages the metabolic system of the younger people too fast.

4. Putting Limitation in Late-night snacks:

Students are advised by their home tutors to avoid junk foods during the time of their studies. The glucose contained in candy and other sugary snacks can bring up unstableness in blood sugar. The sleep patterns of body are disrupted with such things. Quick burning causes drop in blood sugar and body starts producing additional cortisol and glucagon. It causes weak functioning of brain. Option of healthy snack like sugar-free biscuits seems better.

5. Why quality sleep is needed? :

While people take normal sleep, alpha waves are slowed and delta waves are heightened. These actions are just opposite when the person is awake. Waking till midnight may heighten delta waves and alpha waves slow down. Similar things happen while alcoholic contents are consumed after dinner. Therefore both are needed to be avoided.