Chemistry does not always come with fancy lab coats and beakers with boiling liquids. Instead, chemistry is mostly so well blended within us and our environment, that it has become invisible for our eyes. However, stop and take a closer look. Does anything exist around you without a huge set of complex chemical reactions taking place within them?

We don’t have to get into anything complicated right now. Today we are going to look at a simple example of how chemistry is in everything around us, for example, our breakfast bun. I took classes from one of the most amazing chemistry tutors near me when I was in middle school and he told me about this for the first time. 

Breads get their signature fluffy and aerated textured due to a single-celled organism called yeast. Yeast reacts with simple sugars to create carbon dioxide and alcohol as the primary byproducts. In the case of bread, yeast reacts with the sugar that bakers mix with water and use as an activator. The yeast reacts with the dissolved sugar and releases carbon dioxide molecules and alcohol in the dough. This is why bread dough doubles in size. The carbon dioxide molecules get trapped in numerous tiny chambers within the dough due to the elasticity of the gluten present in flour. The bread rises even more when the liquid alcohol gets heated inside the oven and turns into gas molecules. The alcohol, sugar and salt added by the baker also add flavour to your bread.

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