Physics is one of those subjects which really gives meaning to the phrase “Truth is stranger than fiction…” Keeping this in mind, we asked many of our physics tutors in Kolkata to curate a list of amazing theories in physics that would blow the minds of our students.

So, here is a list of the top 4 theories in Physics which are bound to make you fascinated.

  1. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity:

This is probably one of the most famous, if not the most famous theories in advanced Physics. Albert Einstein propounded his works on the Theory of Relativity between 1905 and 1915. It states that the flow of time depends on the curvature of the fabric of space. Thus, every space and time interaction is relative.

  1. Stephen Hawking’s work on String Theory:

The origin of String Theory goes back to a paper published by Gabriele Veneziano. Later, Stephen Hawking and Hertog worked on this theory to explain the mechanism behind the Universe. According to the theory, the universe is made of minuscule strings which are even smaller than sub-atomic particles. These strings are in a constant state of vibration which gives rise to every phenomenon that takes place in the universe. This is a very fascinating and complicated theory. For further details, you can try asking your schoolteacher or home tutor.

  1. Schrödinger’s Cat buy Erwin Schrödinger:

Schrödinger’s Cat is one of the most fundamental theories in Quantum Superposition. According to this theory, a cat is put inside a box with a vial of poison that will break at a point in time that is unknown to us. It states that until and unless we open the box the probability of the cat being dead or alive is equal.

  1. The Big Bang Theory:

Almost every one of us are aware of the Big Bang Theory by now. It was propounded buy Georges Lemaitre in 1927. According to this theory, billions of years ago our universe was condensed into a tiny ball of hot gas and suddenly it exploded and started expanding, giving birth to the universe as we know it today. 


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