The essence of independence is not limited to any particular day, song or event. It is a feeling of freedom, confidence, strength, love and compassion embedded within our very soul. 

From being a proud Indian to an educated Indian citizen, here are 6 amazing tips formulated by Home Tutor Kolkata on how to become an independent learner in the 76th year of a free India. 

  1. Learn how to read a text by yourself. Almost throughout our entire journey as school students, we are hardly taught how to read and understand a text. However, that is the first and the most important step of studying. 
  2. In order to excel in the sciences, start connecting with the subject on a personal level. Understand why we are studying those subjects and how they are connected to us and our lives on a daily basis. This can be hard to do, especially for subjects like physics since they discuss things like the cosmos, back holes and so on. In such cases, try taking classes from renowned physics tutors in Kolkata.
  3. Practice reading books on a regular basis. Voracious and extensive reading every day is key to becoming an independent learner. 
  4. Use audio-visual methods and media as study materials. Research has shown that balancing traditional methods of studying with modern methods like studying using images, videos, audio and other media formats gives the best results. 
  5. Becoming a self-reliant learner takes time. Try taking private classes from a renowned home tutor. This method of learning exposes us to different teaching and learning styles while giving us a separate window of studying outside the school curriculum. 
  6. Join offline or online group learning forums for students. This creates a great atmosphere for diverse learning and practical implementation of knowledge. I used this method for improving my physics in school. I found some of the best physics tutors near me and joined a class, where I found a lively community of students like me. We discussed new ideas and topics, held debate sessions, sat for practical classes and encouraged each other as friends. 

To conclude, even though one can never be entirely self-reliant, it is extremely important to development one’s skills and develop our individual personalities and knowledge. This Independence Day, start embarking on your journey of becoming an independent and better learner, both in school and in life.