Current day parents are well aware of the privileges of engaging a home tutor for their children. The main reason behind engaging this person is keeping their wards away from overcrowded coaching classes. It is now a common belief that the guidance offered in these classes may not suffice in shaping the knowledge level of a child.

It thus can be stated beyond doubt that there are numerous advantages of engaging home tutors. Here is a synopsis:

1. Personalized attention:

The top notch consideration behind engaging a private tutor is that these people are capable to provide one-to-one attention to the children they are supposed to train. This attention is required as the child needs someone who can help in clearing doubts while studying or while attending the classes in the school. Personalized attention helps a student in removing the lack of basic knowledge. The tutor makes him/her to pass through a customized study plan to address the weaker sections of curriculum.

2. Continued access:

A teacher for private tuition in Kolkata enjoys continuous access to the student. Therefore, the person is capable to watch, analyze and make precise assessments about the level of knowledge acquired by the student. Such knowledge helps him/her in designing an appropriate strategy and planning for study. These plans and strategies help the student perform well in the examinations.

3. Working at stress level:

Students are seen to develop demoralized thoughts especially during the time of examination. Such deflated attitude arises from worries and anxieties. In most of the cases, this type of attitude produces weak performance. It becomes the duty of the home tutor to boost up the morale of the student and improve his or her mind-frame.

4. Safety of kids:

Since the tutor will always come at the place of the student for teaching, the parents won’t feel any kind of tension arising from the point that the kid will be out of sight for a considerable period of time. The safety can thus be ensured too. In home, a tutor will not pose any sort of administrative restrictions to a student.

5. Compatibility:

Tutors are chosen on the basis of their experience, skills and knowledge which are befit according to the need of the student. Home tutor services help them in this context. Coaching centers will not allow any guardian to choose faculty. This is an obvious point that offers an edge to home tuition.

6. Exceeding performance:

A tutor has certain perceived planning in continuing with the process of tutoring. Through efficient and effective application of skill, an experienced tutor is able to motivate the student towards effectual studies. The presence of an efficient guide helps the student to boost the level of confidence. He/she thus studies hard that result in improvement of performance.

7. Growth of mutual relationship:

An ideal teacher for private tuition is always able to grow very good personal relationship with the student. The student thus feels free in asking any question relating to studies, school or career. Creation of friendly environment enables a student to seek guidance about personal issues. It increases mutual comfort and grows idyllic atmosphere for studies.

8. Freedom to ask questions:

In coaching centers or in the classes held in school or colleges, student may feel hesitating in asking questions. The situation is just reverse when the tuition is conducted at home. A student feels more comfortable in asking questions to the teacher.

9. Scope of disruption is few:

Be it a school or a coaching center, the students differ in their mental stature, attitudes or personality. It is seen that some of them possess capability to learn faster than the others. Some are calm while others are notorious. In such a mixed-up climate, the students may feel distracted and they could pay little attention to the lecture delivered. Such disruption causes a downfall in their performance level too.  Such disturbance is absolutely non-existent in home tutoring.

10. Pre-learning opportunities:

School pattern of studies is not followed by home tutors. There is an apparent timing for tutoring, but it is flexible as he/she is supposed to clear all doubts. Many private tutors have their own methodology in imparting coaching so that the student can grasp the subject faster. It is frequently observed that such students are completing their curriculum much faster.