Physics is a wonderful subject filled with a number of mind-bending concepts. From matter to antimatter, space travel to time travel, physics will always surprise us with one thing or the other. On one hand, physics deals with enormous things like the galaxies and the universe or maybe multiverses, while on the other hand, physics can also be found in even the tiniest, most mundane objects around us. So, here is a fun fact that might stop the time around you.

Time Runs Faster at the Top of a Building. Want to know how?

According to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Space and Time are relative entities. That is, there is no fixed stream of time or no fixed landscape of space. According to his theory, which has been further proved by multiple experiments, time does run faster at the top of a building compared to the bottom. This happens due to a phenomenon called ‘gravitational time dilation’. 

  • Gravitational Time Dilation- Gravitational fields are created when objects with large amounts of mass curve the fabric of space itself. The larger the mass of the object, the stronger the gravity and therefore, more spacetime curves, which makes time run slower compared to areas of lighter gravity.
  • Difference of time in a building- As the bottom floors are closer to the surface of the Earth, they experience a greater pull of gravity when compared to the top floors. Hence, time runs faster on the top floors and slower on the bottom floors. So, the next time you are late for your assignment, just shift to the ground floor for some Einsteinian help. That’s a joke by the way, please don’t do that.


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