Did it ever occur to you that the Roman Numerals do not have a zero? And, if it did, do you know why? 

Zero is the only whole number in mathematics thatwhich is neither negative nor positive. In mathematics, it is used to denote the presence of no object or no magnitude. 

Here’s Why the Roman Numerals Do Not Have Zero

  • The great thinker Aristotle dismissed the idea of treating zero as a number because no other number could be divided by it and get a reasonable number for an answer. 
  • The Roman Numeral system was not used by the people of ancient Rome for calculation. These numbers were created by putting together different parts of their alphabetical system. Addition and Subtractions were done using abacuses that did not have a place for the number zero. 
  • The Roman Numeral System was primarily used for the market, for example, prices of goods for sale and so on. This is why the Roman Numeral system did not need a number for zero. 
  • The Romans had the concept of zero or the concept of nothingness (Latin. ‘nulla’), but it was not treated as a number. It was to define something empty or something that does not exist like we say for example, there are no oranges in the basket, or the water bottle has no water in it.

Bonus Points-

Although the first instances of a number like zero can be traced back to the Mesopotamian Civilization, the introduction of number zero in mathematics was theorized in India for the first time in the entire world. Renowned mathematician, philosopher and thinker, Aryabhata, is credited as the first person to have done that, somewhere around the 5th Century AD.


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