“What you have learned must be unlearned”

  • Despite quoting a science fiction film, this also makes sense in the real world, particularly when studying physics. Almost every student kind of has unique ideas about the subject before learning it in the classroom. Most of the ideas are not true of any other scientific field.

For example, you are aware that gravity prevents you from flying. Everything that goes up must come back down. The issue is that some of these notions are not exactly how they sound. As per the best home tutor for Physics, there are many things to understand beyond studying Physics and scoring well in exams. Let’s burst some common misconceptions in today’s blog.

Every Movement Will Eventually Come to an End. All Objects’ “Natural” State is of Rest

This is the most typical physics misconception. Even the great philosopher Aristotle included it in his famous Laws of Motion. But Newton’s First Law of Motion states that “everything at rest will stay at rest, and everything in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force,”.

Although the second part of the statement is a little hazy, the first part seems reasonable enough. The main cause of this confusion is that we are unable to recognize friction, which is the force that prevents all motion.

Between two objects that are in contact and moving in relation to one another, friction is a force at work. The frictional force that acts between the ball and the floor causes it to stop rolling.

For Continuous Motion, You Need A Continuous Force

The first misconception has a direct impact on this one. While this is true, pushing a grocery cart in a store, for instance, causes friction, so this is only the case because of that. The only purpose of the force you use to keep an object moving is to balance out the frictional force. A rock thrown into space would continue to move at a constant speed indefinitely unless it collided with something, of course. This is because there would be no frictional force acting on that rock because space is largely empty. At Home Tutors, we have expert physics tutors in Kolkata who can simplify these theories while coaching you.

A Heavy Object is Challenging to Move

Again, this is one of the most widespread misconceptions. The reason it is so difficult to push a heavy object is not because of its weight, but rather because of its mass or inertia. A moving object’s resistance to change is known as inertia. It’s crucial to remember that inertia opposes “change motion” rather than just motion.

Wrapping It Up

Well, these are only a few of the many misconceptions most students have about Physics. If you are searching for where can I find the best home tutor for Physics in Kolkata, your hunt ends with us!