Ever wondered why some students improve drastically after joining tuitions and some students do not? Apart from teacher-student compatibility and other factors like learning style, learning curve and personal matters of the student, one of the most important factors that influence your learning and improvement as a student is whether you know the art of studying or not.

So, here a list of 6 effective ways in which you can master your art of studying as a student and get the most out of your Chemistry tuition:

  1. Customise: This is an important step that you need to work on with your tutor. Tell your private tutor in Kolkata in detail about what are your strengths and shortcomings in Chemistry and devise a plan to help you improve. Basically, help your tutor customise your classes and get the most out of them.
  2. Take Notes: Make sure to take notes whenever you learn a concept. Mark those sections in your book and highlight important information as you go.
  3. Learn the Art of Taking Notes: It is important to learn how to take effective notes. Do not write everything that your tutor says, instead focus on the important information only and note them down as pointers. You can try using Venn Diagrams, charts and similar eye-catching methods of taking notes so that it makes studying easier. 
  4. Practical Sessions: Ask your private tutor to help you with an arrangement for Chemistry practicals. Home tutors might help you find trustable resources and make arrangements where you can practice Chemistry practicals. If you are unable to get a place where you will be able to practice your practicals, simply ask your tutor to pay special attention to the practical sections and help you get the concepts cleared.
  5. Weekly Tests: Most Chemistry tutors near me conduct monthly tests. If you think that monthly tests are not enough for you, then you might ask your tutor to conduct more frequent tests.
  6. Exam-Style Studying: Help your tutor finish the class syllabus as soon as possible and ask them for exam-specific guidance. That is, highlight important sections for short or long-answer type questions, highlighting important sections for Chemical equations, bonds and so on. To put it simply, ask your tutor to help you prepare for your exam so that you can optimise your preparation and score top-class grades in every exam.

And, here you have it. Six simple yet effective ways in which you can get the most out of your Chemistry tuition as a student. Remember, always ask for help whenever you need it and make sure to contact Home Tutor Kolkata for further information and guidance.