The moon is one of the most fascinating and beautiful sights in the night sky. As children, many of us have heard many different stories about the moon. Some stories said that there is a grandma on the moon while some talked about a bunny rabbit who lived on the moon. 

As grownups, these stories serve as a reminder of a good old childhood when everything was fascinating and magical around us. However, that magic and awe do not have to fade away with time. So, let us look at five amazing facts about the moon.

  • We Always See the Same Side of the Moon

The rotational period of the moon and the time that it takes to complete one revolution around the Earth are the same. This is why we always see the same side of the moon from the Earth. 

  • The Moon is Moving Away

The Moon is moving away from the Earth. Every year, the Moon moves about 3.5 to 4 cm (about 1.57 in) away from our planet. 

  • Tides

The gravitational pull of the Moon along with that of the Sun, causes high tide and low tide on our planet.  

  • The Spots on the Moon

The moon’s surface is littered with circular depressions. These depressions are meteorite craters. The moon’s atmosphere is very thin and therefore, it is not strong enough to protect the moon’s surface from meteorites. This is why the moon gets bombarded with hundreds of meteorites of various sizes, every day. This would have been the same for Earth but the atmosphere surrounding our planet is dense enough, which burns most of the meteors before they can hit the surface. Thus, protecting all lifeforms and nature living on the planet. 

  • Moonquakes

The surface of the moon experiences tremors due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. Unlike earthquakes, which usually last for only a few seconds or minutes, moonquakes or tremors last for several minutes. However, the intensity of these tremors is very low. 


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