If your kid is above standard 1, chances are you that have already hired a tutor for him/her. Given today’s lifestyle and the immense pressure schools put their students through from an early age, most parents are forced to hire tutors. Generally parents are most likely to hire subject wise teachers than a Teacher for all subjects in Kolkata.

Kids at that age are still in their learning phase. They require a lot of focus and effort. But given the fast pace of living, two major issues can arise. Firstly, the load of homework schools puts on their students from a very young age is large. Secondly, if both the parents are working, office duties are most likely to take up all their time and energy. Even if both the parents aren’t working, everyday’s household work will takes up all their time. Now, it isn’t very hard to find quality Tutors in Kolkata. You can search on the internet, take reference from other students or their parents, and ask for demo classes. You will get a fairly good idea on whether he/she is suitable for your kid or not.

One of the best advices we can give you about hiring a tutor is that students below 6 standards should be given an ‘all subject’ teacher. Let’s see the reasons why:

  1. Fewer subjects- Students between classes 1 to 5 have very few subjects. Physics, chemistry, bio falls under the broad subject ‘SCIENCE’, history and geography are compiled together and is called ‘SOCIAL SCIENCE’. Other subjects include MATHS, ENGLISH and one more vernacular language. So, it doesn’t make any sense to appoint subject wise teacher.

  2. Less time available- Kids below standard 6 are highly encouraged to take many extra-curricular activities. Be it dancing, singing, karate, etc, all these activities takes up a fair amount of time. Your kid won’t have time to study under multiple teachers.

  3. Credibility- In today’s world, it is not easy to understand the quality and intentions of a person at one go. If you aren’t at home when the tutor is present, a safety issue always arises. How are they behaving with your kid in your absence? Do they have bad habits? Do they have any bad intention? These questions are always going to be there at the back of your mind. Therefore, it will be much easier to supervise a single teacher.

There are many experienced tutors for all subjects in Kolkata. Talk to them, try to understand their method of teaching and then make a calculative decision on whether or not to hire them.