The first and foremost thing that a good private tutor in Kolkata should keep in mind is that a child who is a “slow learner” is in no way a non-achiever. Just like others, they also have the potential to shine if provided with adequate guidance. Naturally, teachers play a pivotal role in the development of a slow learner. Their motivation and support can work wonders to help these children conquer their hurdles.

  • Be patient: 

The most important aspect of dealing with a slow learner is that the home tutor should be highly consistent and patient throughout the entire lesson. The primary problem with such children is their poor cognitive skills together with slow learning pace. It is essential tomrepeat each keyword, concept and basic instruction over and over again without expressing irritation.

  • Use innovative techniques:

One of the most effective strategies to aid slow learners in studies is to incorporate innovative methods of teaching-learning. Children who are slow learners are known to lack focus and concentration. One useful method could be handing out lesson pamphlets that they can pin to their soft boards. These act as effective reminders of what has been taught.

  •  Avoid assigning excessive homework:

We all agree that homework although with its benefits is more of a burden for a child. Slow learners, in particular, find it difficult to be attentive throughout the school day, let alone coming home and completing homework assignments. For such children, quality matters over quantity.Having minimum homework would help them understand learning and reduce their anxiety

  • Praise often:

It is very important for a home tutor to encourage children in academics. You would be surprised to see how a few words of appreciation or a quick pat on the shoulder can work wonders. Instant encouragement and display of admiration after tiniest of achievements will certainly enhance their confidence and inculcate a sense of victory and the thirst to be better.

  • Get parents involved:

Another essential tip to keep in mind is to keep the parents of the child involved in their academic progress as much as possible. It is better to give a report of their performance to the parents either weekly or monthly. Make sure the tasks and homework assigned by you are effectively completed on a regularly basis. Similarly, make some time to hear out the parents’ problems and find ways to solve them.