Do you know that one of the most obvious reasons for kid’s not wanting to study is ‘Math’? Undeservingly, Math is one of the most feared subjects. Not only kids but math also has the power to instill fear in the hearts of many grown-ups. But one of the perks of being an adult is being able to use a calculator freely. Poor kids, they most certainly don’t have this luxury. It takes them hours on memorizing tables and taking lessons from private tutors in Kolkata to get rid of this fear. But this shouldn’t be the case. To make their work a bit less painful, parents should teach their kids ancient methods of calculation. And no other ancient method had been as successful and famous than abacus.

What is abacus?

Abacus can also be called a counting frame. It consists of a wooden or plastic frame with rods and beads divided into tens.

The abacus is the oldest calculator. Although no one knows the exact origin of it, it had been widely used in the ancient Near East, Europe, Russia and China. In other words, it is an ancient gift sent to us by our ancestors. In the early ages, Merchants who traded goods needed an easy but accurate way to keep count of the inventory and goods they bought and sold. Therefore, they used an abacus and many other counting devices to help count large numbers.

Representation in various cultures

The oldest counting board is called the Salamis Tablet. It can be theorized that it was used by the Babylonians at around 300 b.c.e. Drawings of people using many counting boards have been found dating back to this period.

In China, the abacus was known as ‘Suanpan’. It is a dying art. The Japanese called it ‘Soroban’. It is still widely used in schools and students across the country. ‘Schoty’ is the Russian version of an abacus. It came into use at around 1600. They are still used in modern Russia.

Benefits of learning Abacus

According to the most prominent Home tutor in Tollygunj, every kid should learn how to use an abacus. Given below are the wonderful benefits of learning how to use an abacus.


  • Not surprisingly, it allows your kids to do the calculation at an accelerated speed.

  • It increases their ability to solve the problem.

  • In enhances their cognitive abilities.

  • It had been known to increase a child’s concentration power.

  • Most importantly, it makes math fun and more meaningful.

  • Children get a better grasp of logical thinking.

Above all, it will boost your child’s confidence and make math more meaningful and applicable. You can even hire a home tutor to help teach your kid abacus faster.