Have you been looking for a private tutor who can help your child with their grades? Well, as a concerned parent, you are ready with the list of questions to interview the best one available out there. But every coin has two sides. So, what about the tutor’s queries and doubts?

You need to answer all the queries a tutor has about your child and their academic needs. That way, you are helping the teacher plan out a better mentoring guide that suits your child the most!  Without further delay, let’s start with the checklist an experienced tutor always needs to teach more effectively. So, here are the most possible questions.

“What do you expect from my tutoring services?”

Any ethical and professional private tutor in Kolkata or other metro cities will ask this before everything else. Usually, parents nowadays hire private tutors to help their kids get stellar grades and pass milestone exams. In many cases, a tutor also needs to help a student to cross over stumbling blocks in their studies.

However, often an experienced tutor knows more about the learning styles of students than the parents. So, always be clear about what you expect from the tutor. This way, a tutor also helps you set the realistic expectation from the sessions.

“Are there any safety concerns for me?”

When home tutors visit their students’ homes, they experience a new environment too. Because their full attention will be on teaching your child, they will ask about the safety issues ahead of time. That way, both you and your tutor will get time to address the issues (if any) before your child’s classes start. It’s always wise, to be honest, and transparent while you are taking care of such issues.

“How does your child cope with the pressure? Is there any physical concern to be aware of?”

Learning new subjects to new ways to study a difficult subject can be overwhelming and stressful for a student. So, before jumping into a tutoring session, a teacher always wants to know about the stress triggers of your child. In many cases, students do not verbalize even when they are stressed out! That is why a tutor prefers to know your child’s traits directly from you.


So, take a moment and make a list of the answers before you start your search for the best home tutor near me. On a deep level, you always know where your child needs help. Otherwise, you would not have thought about hiring a tutor. So, always be clear about your child’s needs and problem areas while you are interacting with the professional for the first time.