Education should never be stopped. There is simply no other way to it. Crisis occurs time after time but we should learn how to deal with such crisis without hampering the learning process of a child.

How Did The Corona Virus Affect The Educational Sector?

The year 2020 will be remembered by the whole world as the year we fought against a common enemy for our right to live. The lockdown caused the economy to crash, causing severe ripples across all sectors. Like any other sector, educational sector took a huge hit. The schools and colleges were the first ones to shut down. In the beginning, the plan was to halt the educational sector completely. But as the time passed, we realized, shutting it down is not going to work. Therefore, what shall we do?

The Solution To This Problem

The logical solution to this problem is to go online. Form an educational center which doesn’t depend on face-to-face learning. A big part of online education is online tuition. Let’s talk about our own city. Various home tutors in Kolkata have started taking online classes. Many coaching centers have totally converted to learning through video calls. Soon enough, various levels of examinations will also be held online. It serves the purpose without the threat of spread of the virus.

Here’s What You Need

While, it might sound foreign in the beginning, it really isn’t that different from offline classes. Here is a list of things you will require for your online classes:

  1. A Device- No, you don’t need a MacBook to attend classes. A simple laptop will do just fine. Even if you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry; a good Android phone will also do the trick.

  2. Fast Internet- Online classes mostly occur over a ‘live’ video session. Therefore, make sure that your internet connection is strong enough so that you don’t have a problem during classes.

  3. Certain Types of App- Tutors in Kolkata uses various platforms while conducting classes. Apps like Skype and WhatsApp allows group video conference. The Tutors might tell you to download screensharing apps such as TeamViewer and Hangout so that you can see their screen while they teach something. Zoom is another handy app which allows one to record a session to be viewed later. Also, Microsoft OneNote or Evernote is excellent for keeping on-going notes.

  4. A Peaceful Environment- Find a place in your house where you can study peacefully without any distraction. This part is very important. If the environment is correct, you will have no problem concentrating during an ongoing class. Make sure that it is far from any kind of commotion.

The Whole Point Behind Online Tutoring

The main purpose of online education is to limit human interaction. If your kid doesn’t go out, they are less likely to contract the virus. We, adults, have a strong and hardy immune system, same cannot be said about kids. They are more prone to serious and life-threatening complications arising from this virus. Even though the transportation sectors, the offices and the shops are opening, if you can get your children high quality education from the comfort and safety of your home, why take the risk. Many former home tutors have started their online forums and have successfully started taking regular classes.