It’s 2022 and we are living in a technologically advanced world. From newspapers to e-books, from dining out to online food delivery, we have witnessed it all. So, when the wave of digital transformation has touched every nook and corner of our lives, how can we miss the education sector and the online home tutors?

Students these days are more into learning from the comfort of their homes. But the debate now lies between the effectiveness of online courses and online tutoring.

A Tally Between Online Courses and Online Tuition

Choosing an online tutor is different from doing an online course in so many ways. However, the primary difference lies in the way of learning.

Online courses are pre-structured sets of lessons designed to offer the students progressive learning without the scope to interact with any real-time faculty.

While on the other hand, an online class with the best home tutor in Kolkata is a live streaming learning platform where the students can interact with the expert in a group session or individually.

But How Would You Decide? 

So, both the parents and the students are confused between the supremacy of online courses and tutoring. Are you one of them who is flipping both websites but can’t make your mind? You need to consider:

  • The Availability of Tutor 

When choosing a private tutor, you can set the timings as per your convenience (in most cases). Plus, your schedules have nothing to do with the other students as an online tutor often provides one-on-one learning facilities (if you don’t to join a group learning session).

On the other hand, when you are opting for an online course, most of them have a limited period and you need to complete the given assignments within a specific time too. 

  • The Scope to Learn at Your Pace  

One of the largest benefits of an online tutor is that you can learn the subject at your own pace. If you can’t seem to understand anything, you can always contact your e-tutor via phone call or video call and clear as many doubts as you have.

Moreover, learning with a faculty who is always there to solve your queries is always better than doing an online course that offers only a set of pre-defined chapters and lessons without any expert guide with whom you can communicate.

To Summarize 

If you are a self-learner and don’t need the guidance of a tutor, an online course is always an ideal option for you. But if you are wondering where can I find the best home tutor near me, we at Home Tutor Kolkata, understand your concern and provide a suitable virtual learning platform.