Appointing a private tutor is nothing new in today’s world. But still, there are so many misconceptions around it. Many people tend to believe that only struggling students need private tutoring. That’s not true! Every student can improve and grow with the help of the right mentoring.

Additionally, a lot of high schools and even college students think that they are too for tutoring- it’s so wrong! So, let’s burst out the common private tutoring myths in today’s blog. So that next time, when you are searching for the best home tutor in Kolkata you have a clear mindset.

Hiring a Tutor Means Your Child Will Improve Immediately

The fact is that nothing changes overnight, except maybe the climate. Often parents appoint a private tutor to fill in the gaps in their child’s education. Those gaps took quite a long to build over and naturally, will take time to recover. So, even after hiring a private tutor, you have to wait for weeks and months to see the progress.

Your Child Only Needs A Tutor Right Before The Exams

Learning takes quite a time. While a home tutor helps with preparing for a major exam, it’s not possible to do miracles right before the test. Your child must work with a tutor for a longer period. No matter how hard a student tries, it is never possible to learn all the strategies in just a few rushed sessions.

Online Tuition Is Not The Effective Like In-Person

In reality, online tutoring is equally effective as offline ones. The only trick is to choose one of the popular, top-rated online home tutor services in Kolkata. Online classes are very convenient for both the students and the teachers – no daily traveling, no traffic and saves both time and energy. Plus, technological advancements like video classes, screen sharing, and editing real-time documents make the session as effective as in-person tutoring.

Private Tutoring is Very Expensive

It is often not true. Yes, some large tutoring agencies, both online and offline, tend to have high charges. However, private tutors are more flexible and affordable than you might think. Also, tutoring is an investment in your child’s future and education. Instead of paying big bucks to hire a special help right before the exam, it is always cheaper to appoint a tutor throughout the year.

There is no qualified Home Tutor near me

There are lots of qualified tutors, you might not be searching for the right people in the right way. You must look for retired teachers or people with years of experience in teaching both primary and high school students, not any random freelancer looking to pick up some cash.

Bottom Line

Don’t let any of the above myths get in the way of your child’s academic success. Look for the right person at the right time and in the right place. Your child will do great with the right guidance.