The education world runs primarily on two wheels – teachers and students.

During this pandemic, everything in the education world has turned virtual. From classes to exams, even cultural sessions are taking place online. Not being able to physically interact with each other, students are losing out on an emotional connection with their teachers. Despite all odds, the home tutors are trying their best to maintain the same efficiency as before the pandemic.

Putting in double efforts to uplift students can sometimes drain the tutors emotionally. On the other hand, students are missing the most fun part of their life. Living inside four walls for more than a year has made them aggravated. Taking all this into account, let’s delve deep into the arena of emotional health.

Spotting the signs

There are scars from physical injuries. But, there are no marks for emotional wounds. So, how to spot someone with deteriorating mental health? Look for the following signs:

  1. If a student, particularly a bright student, stops submitting homework on time and does not even try finding answers

  2. If a talkative student suddenly goes quiet and does not participate in class discussions anymore

  3. If a student acts unusually distant and withdrawn

  4. If a fellow tutor does not attempt much to solve a question

  5. If a tutor does not answer questions satisfactorily and quenches them outrightly

If a person is disturbed, he/she acts uncharacteristically. Instead of getting frustrated, reach out and communicate to find out what’s going on.

What happens when you ignore it?

Your brain performs all the functions for you asking for one thing in return. Good health. When you are happy, your brain knows it. When you are stressed, your brain feels it. being online the entire time has taken away the freshness from life. That’s why it is important to keep your emotional health intact. If you ignore it for too long, your chances of developing a co-morbidity triple. You feel exhausted all the timeand your will to study reduces gradually. Even your creativity takes a hit when you are emotionally unwell. Above all, your memory, which is your most precious asset, is affected severely.

Whether you are a student or the best home tutor in Kolkata, don’t ignore your mental well-being. It may not be visible but it can eat your thoughts eventually.

What to do?

The most important thing is to spread awareness about emotional health. That’s what people lack most. Despite being victims of it, they don’t know that they are victims. And even if they know, they require smart ways of dealing with it. Seek help without hesitation. The environment around us is too negative right now. Reach out to people you trust. There are many who want to share stuff but don’t have anyone who can understand them. Remember, it is okay to feel how you feel, always.

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