A student’s life is a busy life. From waking up in the morning to completing their homework before going to sleep, it is filled with thousands of different activities. Not only school’s pressure but also the home works they get from Private Tutors in Kolkata puts a lot of pressure on them.

But should their childhood go waste under all these pressure? There is no doubt that the teenage years of a child are very important to build a good academic future. But so is cherishing the innocence of childhood and enjoying the teenage years. It is equally important that they have enough time to spend with their friends, engage in their hobbies or simply to spend time alone. It builds personality, creates characters.

One of the best ways to give your kid a more cheerful and colorful childhood is to enroll them in various co-curricular activities. There are many of those to choose from. Although it would be best if you let your kid choose it themselves, we have made a small list containing few of them.

  1. Chess– All the Best Private Teachers in Kolkata will emphasize on the point that chess is an extremely mind-stimulating game. It is very useful for increasing concentration and focus. It has also been proven that playing chess will increase a kid’s IQ level.

  2. Dancing– Which child doesn’t like moving their body to the tunes of the latest bollywood dances. From copying the steps of an actress dancing in the rain to imitating an actor hip hoping in front of his Lamborghini, it is all fun. Plus it will make sure that they stay in shape. With sudden sugar cravings and an insatiable appetite, it is very important to engage your kids in some form of physical activity.

  3. Singing– Have you ever been in a room full of kids when suddenly their favorite song comes up. In all probability you had wished you were deaf. It’s no secret that kids from young age loves singing. So it is a good idea to teach them how to sing properly.

  4. Dramatics– Drama or acting is a form of self expression. It helps us in understanding ourselves and controlling how we portray ourselves to others. In addition to that it teaches us self-discipline, importance of punctuality and most importantly it boosts our confidence.

In our effort to make our kids ready for the never-ending race of life, let’s not kill their childhood. Let them enjoy it, have fun. Otherwise, they would have nothing to cherish about after they grow up.