We will start this blog with a personal story. When I was a kid, there was a kid in my neighborhood who had trouble learning. At school, she would say that she couldn’t understand the letters as they would jumble up while reading. As her grades were coming down, her parents enrolled her in tuition. There was a home tutor near me. Her parents enrolled her in it. But that didn’t help either. After changing teachers several times, her parents simply gave up on her. As predicted, her marks went down the hill. After repeating in several classes, her parents got her out of school.

Common Signs of Dyslexia

While learning disorders are common knowledge nowadays, it wasn’t so till few years back. Back then, if you said anyone about your difficulty in learning, you were labeled dumb and that was it. But now we know differently. Looking back, I now realize that she had dyslexia; a common learning disorder. Some of the common signs that the children have dyslexia are:

  • They learn how to read much later.
  • Their ability to talk develops at a delayed stage.
  • They have difficulty in spelling.
  • Inability to remember the sequence of things.
  • Faces problems in learning new words.

What should you do?

If your child shows these problems, you should take him/her for a psychological evaluation. Remember, the more you delay it, the worse the situation will get for them. Dyslexia is such a problem that if not taken care of at an earlier stage, it will create a lot of problems. Not only will the child have difficulty in learning, but they will also completely lose their confidence.

Importance Of A Good Home Tutor

One of the best ways to make sure that your child receives all the attention he/she need is to send him/her to the best home tutor in Kolkata. Here’s why:

  • The best home tutor in Kolkata will have experience in dealing with children with special needs.

  • Multisensory learning is a method of learning through various senses such as touch, sight and audio. The home tutors we refer to use such methods to help your child.

  • They always use positive reinforcement; this will help in bringing up the confidence of the child. They make sure that the child knows that they are there to help them.

  • Rhymes are a great way of learning for them. It helps them associate other words with and also to process new information. They use this method thoroughly.

  • Above all, they know that they cannot be impatient when it comes to children with special needs. They will go slow with them and always use encouragement.

We always encourage our home tutors to give more attention to children who have learning disabilities. Patience is the key and we have it.