Bullying is an unwanted behaviour among school-aged children that uses force, aggression, threat or teasing to dominate others. A home tutor in South Kolkata points out that these actions are often repeated and become habitual over time. The kid being bullied feels hurt and has a tough time facing the bullies daily. Bullying can leave a lifelong physical or psychological impact on children. If someone is harassing your child, you have to make it stop as soon as possible.

You can help your child deal with oppression and decrease its effect. Even if your child is not under any bullying attack right now, it is wise to make him/ her prepared for the worst. It is necessary to take bullying seriously so don’t hush up the matter as baloney.

Why do kids bully?

Before getting into ways in which you can help your child with bullying, you must first understand why it happens.

According to a home tutor in Jadavpur, children may bully for many reasons. Sometimes they do it to feel in control or powerful. Another reason can be to establish their importance in front of the physically weaker children. Sometimes, children might torture others because they have themselves suffered such behaviour and consider it normal.

How can you help?

  1. Look out for signs – Your child may not always tell you about the bullying, may be out of fear. So, it might be hard to understand what’s happening with them. Spot the changes in them and look out for the following signs:

  • Always worried
  • Afraid of speaking their mind out
  • Problems in communication
  • Not doing things that they enjoy usually
  1. Get them to speak – If you find any of these signs, get your child to speak to you about the problem. Don’t address the problem directly in a commanding voice. Be soft and gentle because the child is already hurting. He/ She may be reluctant to talk, so find ways to bring the topic to the surface. For instance, employ home tutor’s services in Kolkata and take their assistance in handling the situation.

  2. Listen intently – After your child opens up about the bullying, offer them a safe place by listening attentively. Offer your support by telling that there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. When kids are provided with confidence, they share stuff easily. They must not feel alone or disappointed by being victims, rather they should be welcomed with comfort.

  3. Instil the habit of clear communication – Make it clear to your children that they can talk to you about everything. You should be the first person the child comes to when in trouble.

Always act

As parents, you should not take bullying lightly. As soon as you find out about it, take an action. Encourage your child to react positively and boldly as well. If you cannot handle it, seek help from a teacher or counsellor. But, don’t let your child suffer more than he/ she already has.