Despite the popular belief, science can be a creative and fun subject too! Students might find it boring but it’s up to the teachers to make it easy to learn. The biggest challenge the tutors face is to teach several age groups at once. But, we, at the best agency of home tuition in Kolkata, don’t think it has to be that hard!

Often, The Science Students Have Queries Like:

  • What am I supposed to learn?
  • How much time do I need to devote?
  • What prior knowledge will help me?
  • What should I do first?

We as the best home tutor for physics know that teaching any subject can be very intimidating. But, science is very forgiving in this area. Let’s talk about how we are teaching these subjects to different age groups.

Fun Experiments Are Our Thing!

Let’s start with the fun thing first – science experiments! We love to explore different hands-on science projects that our students really enjoy. If we keep on teaching them the theories only, kids often lose interest to learn. So, some hands-on learning fun is a brilliant idea.

Thinking Out Of The Box!

Our years of experience have taught us one thing! Teaching science subjects doesn’t have to revolve around only textbooks and structured lessons. Every student must explore things like reading books about different scientists, doing neat experiments, even combining science with subjects like language arts or history.

Such unusual learning really helps to grab and engage the attention of students of all age groups. Along with this, unit studies are also a great way to teach these subjects. In simple terms, unit study is an in-depth study on a specific topic.

For instance, suppose you are reading something on the topic of rocks. You will find lots of literature, books, and videos around this topic. Check them all and think further than your basic concept of a rock. For example, you can dive into earth science to learn how rocks are formed, how they vary by densities, locations, etc.

Selecting The Right Curriculum

When it comes to teaching science to different age groups, tutors try different approaches. For example, sometimes it is best to create a curriculum for the older students first and then simplifying it for the younger students. On other hand, some create a curriculum for the younger ones first and then add in more research for the older students.


No matter how reputed we are as the best home tutor for chemistry, we always believe in trying new approaches and learning along the way. It’s a great teaching experience and we keep changing our teaching modules based on the education trends. For more information, visit our official website NOW!