With years of experience in tutoring, we have realized that Mathematics is a subject that most students struggle with. Plus, subjects like physics and chemistry also challenge many learners. That is why they often search for the best home tutor for maths and other science subjects. We make sure that their hunts end with us.

Ensuring that all our students score the best is a challenge that we accepted with a whole heart and soul.  Every student comes to us with different abilities and levels. Our goal is to make all of them grow at their own pace.

Undoubtedly, Mathematics is a subject that is very different from others. All parents want their child to do best in the science groups, especially Math! But teaching effective tricks to solve math, physics and other crucial subjects takes time, effort, and special skills. Here, we, the best home tutor for physics, step in!

How Do We Do It?

Okay, so watch us spill beans here! The ultimate key to learning Math is understanding the problem, applying the calculative methods, and remembering the technique for the future. Now here’s a trick! A single problem might have multiple ways to solve it. Nobody can memorize Math as it is all about a student’s immediate problem-solving skills.

So, making quick decisions and applying the right method is the real key to learning this most-hated subject. We make sure that every student falls in love with solving math problems with our right mentoring.

Creating A Comfortable And Flexible Learning Environment

First of all, a student seeks a breathable learning environment. Being a mentor is not just about delivering the lecture or showing the techniques to solve a problem. It’s about laying down the agenda of the class. Thus, we, as the best private tutor in Kolkata, always keep an open platform where every student feels free to raise questions.

Helping to solve the problems using multiple examples

Many don’t succeed in math because they don’t know the fun tricks. It is a subject to visualize and compare to practical life. That way it gets easier to solve the questions. Our tutors always come up with creative ways like videos or images to teach the tricks interestingly. They also illustrate the problems so that a student can visualize it first. Then comes the multiple ways to solve it and we make the lesson effective based on the student’s capability.


We make sure that all our strategies and approaches help improvethe student’s grades and ultimate knowledge. So, if you are looking for the best tutor for chemistry, physics, and math, we are the ones for you!