The pandemic has brought about two major changes in the lives of children. First, they can’t attend school and second, they can’t play outside with their friends. It’s been more than a year that they have not met any of their friends. Stuck in the four walls of their house, even they need some sort of interaction with the outside world. Social media might be one of the options to break their boredom. But, most parents worry about its negative impact on their kids.

But, top home tutors for CBSE in Kolkata think otherwise. They should remain informed about the most happening thing in the digital world. To protect your child from the cons of social media, teach them about social media yourself.

Introduce your child to social media

This is perhaps the most required step from your end, parents. By introducing your kid to social media, you are telling them that you trust them. Subsequently, you should guide them through the whole process. This saves them the time and energy to learn the intricacies of social media through the trial and error method. When parents forbid social media usage, it only provokes children to do so secretly. So, it’s better to impart knowledge yourself on the positive use of the medium.

Privacy settings

There are several settings on social media to discover. The most important ones are privacy settings. Make sure to go through these first with your kid. Explain to them how each setting works, limit the audience, set strong passwords, and revisit the settings at fixed intervals. Teach them to value privacy so that no one can exploit their personal information. A home tutor for ISC Board suggests children to conceal their details from strangers.

Cyber Security

It is your job to teach your kids about cybersecurity. Being negligent on social media can cost them a lot. Clicking on unknown links or talking to strangers unnecessarily can prove harmful for them. Therefore, one must deal with the medium tactfully. For instance, don’t post your location or pictures every moment. You never know who must be following you. Teach them to operate anti-virus and firewall to remain protected from unprecedented attacks on the internet.

Content discretion

Social media has all types of content. Teach them to avoid inappropriate content and report them, if need be. Also, before uploading any photos and videos, apply discretion as to what content is suitable for public upload. Don’t share meaningless content that might hurt anyone. Explain to them the meaning of digital footprint – data that contains information about your recent web activities. To sum up, These concepts will make them watchful of their online actions.


Social media can become an addiction for young children. To prevent it from becoming a dangerous habit, limit their screen time. Above all, monitor their time online and ensure that it does not exceed the designated time. Take home tutor services in Kolkata and learn more about smart navigation in the world of social media.