We have to agree that no two students are the same when it comes to opinions, behaviour, learning abilities and understanding. Thus, it is not correct to compare the traits of one individual with another. While some students comprehend lessons quickly, others may require extra concentration to deliver to the best of their potential. The following are a few advantages of having home tutors:

Convenience for Students:

A major benefit of receiving home tutoring is the convenience attached to it. Having a private tutor in Kolkata come to your place not only saves the costs on travelling to coaching centres, but also the time involved.

Lesser Distractions:

Students are more likely to experience less distractions in a home environment than in schools/colleges and coaching centres.  Having a home tutor will certainly be more comfortable, thereby making it easier for students to focus on studies better. The one-on-one learning sessions at home are also less formal and restrictive than a coaching centre. This allows learners to clear all their doubts freely.

Greater Attention:

In a learning space with many students, there is often a problem with the teacher-student ratio. It is impossible for one teacher to pay attention to each and every student in a big classroom/coaching centre. Home tutoring can help to eliminate this problem. In this type of arrangement, students are not expected to keep up with the pace of the rest of the group. Instead, it is upon the teacher to adjust his pace as per the understanding level of the student.

Discovering one’s Learning Style:

A large majority of students usually feel that learning in a huge group is quite unproductive. Due to the distractions involved in group learning, students and parents often feel that they are not getting the most out of their time, effort and money. In a home tuition, both student and teacher get ample time to find out which teaching-learning style would work for them. This will help in developing confidence and also enhance their learning capability.

Better Understanding:

In a home tutoring arrangement, a learner feels comfortable in sharing his/her queries and ideas with the teacher, and can easily talk about his/her weaknesses with them. This is usually not possible in a classroom of 40 students. Also, a learner can honestly discuss about the learning style that they find more helpful.