The education scenario in India is changing rapidly. The old days of four-wall learning are getting replaced by the new no-wall boundaryless online learning. It is creating a major lifestyle change in the lives of children. They have to move on from pens and copies and shift to word and online classroom place. Or, shall we say that they already have?

This transition has made them somewhat knowledgeable on how to access their classes of home tutors. But, they need to learn the basic skills of the gadget world to smoothen their learning process. Because technology is the future.

Here are some basic computer skills every student must know.

Use of e-mail

Most people use e-mail for communication today. Sure, kids know how to WhatsApp and Facebook, but these are not as professional as e-mailing. Apart from accessing classes, students need to learn how to effectively and formally communicate with others. For this purpose, it is important to give them knowledge about the e-mail interface. How they can create e-mail addresses, view messages, beware of spam, phishing, and so on. If they learn professional e-mail writing skills and proper etiquette at a young age, it will prove highly beneficial to them in the long run.

Handling anti-virus

The best home tutor in Kolkata says that children should know how an anti-virus works on a PC. Even if by mistake, any malware enters your device, this can protect your PC and fight the malign program. The installation of anti-virus, enabling necessary updates, and quarantining malware are the things to learn. With increasing cyber-attacks including ransomware (the deadliest attack), today’s children should become anti-virus software savvy. This is the first step to teaching them computer safety.

Importance of backups

More than a skill, it’s intelligent to backup important files and documents. Electronic devices can stop working abruptly atany time. Most of the time, they crash when you need them the most. Maybe while doing a presentation the night before submission or showcasing a proposal to someone. This is why you need to keep a backup in a pen drive, upload it in cloud storage or work in real-time applications. So, the next time you do homework on your PC, store it somewhere else as an added cover. A home tutor near me endorses this information!

Safe internet browsing

Every student knows how to access the internet these days. But, the internet is not a safe place for children. If they get the wrong exposure, it might prove bad for them. So, it is imperative to monitor their virtual time until a certain age. Parents and tutors need to play an active role in teaching proper online behaviour to children. They should educate them about the hazards of invalidated links and websites. Also, one must not divulge their personal details on a public forum. If anyone asks for their phone number or address, children should not give them away.

It is in your hands to teach your child the right to do and follow.