Every parent wants their children to be happy with themselves – and for good reason. Research has shown that confident children reap benefits ranging from less anxiety and better school performance to increased resilience and healthier relationships.

However, some of these strategies may not create a healthy ambiance in which children feel good. As a result, parents need to really make an effort to understand how to boost their children’s self-esteem. Especially, when it comes to a child’s education, the best home tutor in South Kolkata points out the biggest parenting mistakes that undermine a children’s confidence.

   1. Preventing children from taking up their own responsibilities

While you may think that housework or any other responsibilities will take away your children’s focus on study, it’s not the case. You might think it will increase their stress levels, but taking responsibility will help them become more responsible citizens.

Doing their own work on their own will make them learn new things. It will make them more comfortable and in turn, it increases academic performance as well. So, whether you are telling your child to help with the laundry or to throw out the trash, taking responsibility is a real opportunity to make them feel capable and competent.

   2.  Scolding them for making mistakes

It is difficult to accept your child’s failures or some inabilities. When this happens, many parents rush to scold their children. But scolding them for their mistakes or even preventing them from making further mistakes make it impossible for them to learn how to learn and grow from those.


Whether your child forgets his ID before a class test, or if his / her math quiz went wrong, mistakes can be life’s greatest teacher. Each of them gives them the opportunity to gain strength, and next time they must do it better.

   3. Protecting a child from showing emotions

It can be tempting to cheer your children up when they are sad or calm them down when they are angry. However, how we respond to our children’s emotions has a big impact on the development of their emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

The best home tutor in Kolkata advises you to help your children find out what triggers their emotions and teach them self-regulation. Help them explain how they feel so that in the future it will be easier for them to deal with these emotions.

In simple words, discipline gives your child confidence that he or she will be able to make smarter and healthier decisions.  Keep in mind that your goal is to prepare him. her for a brighter future. Discussing your child’s academic career and overall growth with the best tutors in Kolkata will help you sail the boat seamlessly.