When it comes to tutoring secondary and higher-secondary boards, a tutor requires a few unique talents to properly connect with them. Students in grades seven are not the same as older youngsters.

As an expert home tutor, one must operate within the context of the particular grade’s education system. Every student’s learning style is still evolving, and they may struggle with particular subjects for a long period.

As the best home tutor in Kolkata, we consider these five vital principles for effectively mentoring our students in meeting their learning objectives.

  • Being Positive Goes A Long Way! 

Most students are susceptible to a tutor’s enthusiasm, which encourages them to like their subjects and continue working on them. That is why we always maintain students’ engagement by being upbeat!

Maintaining a positive tone while interacting with them, praising them when they succeed, and offering words of encouragement when they fail.

Here are some examples of positive feedback that we often use:

  • Keep up the good work!
  • That was a difficult challenge to solve, and you succeeded!
  • I admire how you gave that problem a lot of thinking.
  • That isn’t the answer I was hoping for, but your thought process is impressive!
  • You’ll find that a happy attitude is contagious if you lead by example.
  • Being Patience Has No Substitute

In the course of our tutoring services, we have noticed many students have shorter attention spans than others. This is developmentally appropriate, but it will take a lot of patience on a teacher’s part.

For example, as a reputable agency providing home tuition in Kolkata, we have specific schedules for each class. Therefore, our teachers have to terminate a session at set times only when they believe the student has processed enough information for the time being.

If a youngster is having trouble following an assignment, it is the tutor’s responsibility to break down the instructions so that the students can comprehend the subject. It is best to give them fewer things to focus on at once because anything faster might overwhelm and discourage a struggling learner.

  • Being Well-organized is a Must!

While the students can be messy learners but the teacher must be organized! That’s what we keep in mind while recruiting our tutors on board so that every teaching session becomes a success!

There come difficult times but our teachers are proactive enough to embrace a new route if the situation demands it. Here are some tips we follow to stay organized:

  • Gathering all the teaching materials ahead of time
  • Preparing well to be confident in what you’re teaching.
  • Even our tutors take notes to make the session smooth,  such as questions they can ask the students, strategies for presenting concepts, and solutions to questions a student may ask.

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