Exam preparation is never going to be anyone’s favourite activity, but there are ways to make even the most boring exam preparation more enjoyable.

Variety in your revision processes is crucial as says the best home tutor in Kolkata. It keeps you inspired and prevents boredom during extended study sessions.

Most importantly, utilising different learning styles activates various brain regions, increasing the likelihood that you will remember all the material for your exam. Try out some of these ideas rather than just reading and rereading your textbook.

So, let’s go through the list: 

Voice Capturing

With as much clarity and brevity as you can summon, record yourself on your phone explaining a concept or procedure.

A fantastic revision tool is to explain what you’ve learned to others. Additionally, you can take a brief visual break by listening to the recording. As you brush your teeth or walk to school, you can then play back your recordings whenever you like. Many expert home tutors explain this formula to be the most effective one to memorize your lessons.

Making Flow Diagrams

See if you can portray a task or topic using a flow chart or a timeline rather than writing it out verbatim.

Use simple drawings and colours to visually represent each step to help with memory.

This method is particularly helpful in the study of history, science, and geography.

To help you remember exactly which steps come next in the photosynthesis process, you could make a flowchart.

Make The Most of Your Studymates

Talk to your friends and form study groups. You can create brief quizzes for each other to take or you can exchange questions back and forth.

It can be especially helpful to have classmates to discuss disagreements with or to have a second pair of eyes read a practise essay.

Mental Maps

For visual learners who can picture where the information they need is on the page, this is a great technique.

Your page should begin with your topic in the centre and be divided into smaller sub-sections all around the page.

To represent connections and links between the various sections of your mind map, draw lines using various colours.

Our memory is aided by making connections and by the way information is presented in a physical environment.

Teach A Lesson

Share what you’ve learned with a friend, parent, or sibling.

This not only determines whether you truly comprehend the material you have been reviewing, but it can also assist you in structuring your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, which is the ideal preparation for your exam.

You could even make a brief slideshow to accompany your “lesson” if you are feeling particularly inventive.


Hope these above-mentioned tips helped you with some really innovative ideas. Help your friends and classmates by sharing these tips. For more such useful information, appoint the best tutors in Kolkata.