‘A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which everyone leaves a mark”-

But the story of a slow learner is a bit different. He/she stays a little behind than others when it comes to grasping a lesson. Every case is not about disabled learning. Lots of students cannot deal with the academic challenges. Appointing a home tutor is the best solution to help the slow learners. Expert mentors use many techniques to help them. In my student life, I used to look for few traits while searching for a home tutor near me. Few of the must-have skills are below:

Tutors Are Patience:

At first, a tutor needs to be consistent and patient throughout the classes. Two biggest issues of a slow learner are slow speed learning and weak cognitive skills. A teacher needs to be patient and understanding during the session.

They Improvise With The Teaching Methods:

Slow learners need special care and attention. Great tutors invent thoughtful tools and exciting methods of teaching. There are variations of interactive books, board games, worksheets, fun learning activities etc.

They Customize Home Works:

Every student, regardless of his/ her learning speed stresses over homework. An expert needs to understand the grasping capacities of students. Every student learns differently. Thus, same homework policy won’t work for all. Slow learners need assignments customized for their individual needs. An experienced and versatile tutor never fails to identify the needs of students. You must keep these points in mind while searching for the best home tutor in Kolkata.

Home Tutors Encourage A Lot:

It is a tutor’s responsibility to make the student comfortable. Weak learners need a lot of encouragement. A teacher needs to push the student to come forward and speak straight. Until a student is confident enough, great performance doesn’t come from within.

Great Teacher Never Forgets To Praise:

Encouraging a student leads to great performances and good academic remarks. A little bit of appreciation does a lot for the long run. A good student deserves appreciation and praise. A teacher must know the right amount of praising needed to boost up a student’s confidence.

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