Science is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially at a young age, when it is all about theory, kids can get really bored really fast. All the colorful diagrams, informal fonts, fun pictures might not be able to get them interested in science. So, how do you stop them from losing interest in it? Simple, make science fun.

We have found few extremely fun and science experiments you can try out at home. They are fun, safe and won’t require much fuss. You can help them do it or simply tell your kids tutor to guide them. Tutors in Kolkata are highly motivational and always up for experiments.

The Ultimate Volcano

Things you need- A 2 Litre bottle, half a cup of Baking Soda, 10ml liquid soap, 400 ml vinegar, water, black food coloring.

Caution- This experiment will create a mess, so choose an empty space.

Instruction- mix half a cup of Baking soda with half a cup of water to form baking soda ‘slurry’. Mix vinegar, liquid soap, and black food coloring in a bowl and pour it into the 2 Litre bottle. Carefully, pour the slurry into the bottle. Eruption!

Science Behind the Experiment

The vinegar and the baking soda reacts. This results in the formation of a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Ask your home tutor to write down the exact chemical equation. It occupies the whole space inside the bottle and tried to escape, thus causing the eruption.

Invisible Messages                                           

Things you need- Lemon, cotton swab, white sheet and a blow dryer.

Caution- Handle the blow dryer with care.

Instruction- Carefully cut the lemon and squeeze out the juice into a bowl. Dab the cotton swab into the lemon juice and make your kid write a secret message in the paper. The lemon juice works as the ink. Let it dry. After it has dried, you won’t be able to see the message, making it invisible. Now, place the paper in front of the blow dryer. Voila! The secret message is now visible.

Science Behind the Experiment

When lemon juice heats up, it quickly decomposes. This process of decomposition results in the release in carbon which oxidizes turning it brown. The oxidization takes place due to the presence of oxygen in the air. This is when you get to see the message.

Science doesn’t always have to be boring. With the right amount of encouragement, your kids will love it. But you might not always have the time to give your kid all the attention. Well, their studies should not suffer for it. To give your child the right amount of attention, hire a reputed home tutor in south Kolkata. They will also help your kid with these fun experiments. Hire now!